Learn the #1 Revenue Boosting Secret Most Business Owners Overlook.


This hands-on training will teach you the simple framework that builds 7-figure brands. 

Learn the #1 Revenue Boosting Secret Most Business Owners Overlook.

This hands-on training will teach you the simple framework that builds 7-figure brands.

Get 5 sessions of foundational training and hands-on exercises from The Brand Boss Studio's 7-figure framework for a fraction of the price!

You may have tried other courses before, but you've never experienced anything like this one. This isn't a listen and apply later program that gets you pumped up. Those are great, but this is about action.

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We're not just building your brand.

We're building your business.

This no-fluff, get-to-work course can accelerate your business a year or more in growth, if you're serious about it.

When it comes to Branding, so many make the mistake of just focusing on the visuals, when the REAL power of branding lies far deeper.

It's not rocket science, but there are hidden keys that frequently get overlooked. In this course, we're not only going to show you those keys, but put them in your hands. And show you how to start using them, right now.

But we're not stopping there. Because to maximize the FULL ROI of your brand, it needs to be paired with its twin (but different) sister, Marketing.

And we don't mean trends or tweets, we mean things like leveraging the power of emotional intelligence to build meaningful connections with real people. And Marketing only converts with the right message and the right offer, so we're going there too.

The Brand Boss Blueprint

What we'll cover...

✅ Step 1

We'll dig into the foundation of every successful brand that most business owners overlook!

✅ Step 2

Are you speaking the right "language?" How do you know if your brand resonates with your customers?

✅ Step 3

What’s on your “menu?” The secret sauce to out-serve all your competitors and over-deliver for your customers without exhausting yourself.

✅ Step 4

What is your brand’s "GPS?" How do you know if your branding and marketing is really on target?

✅ Step 5

The #1 MOST important factor that can make or break any brand. Is your business losing customers from these hidden mistakes? This session is a DON'T MISS!

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Empowering businesses and business owners to OWN your difference
and ROCK your brand powerfully and authentically.


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Years of Brand


Clients Around
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Meet The Brand Boss Studio Team

Rachel Jenks

Chief Brand Boss

Adventurer. Strategist. Communicator.
Brand Boss.

With more than 22 years experience working in public communications, including 15+ years in graphic design, Rachel is an inspirational and instructional communicator whose passion is empowering business owners to rock YOUR brand like a Boss.

“I’m tired of seeing business owners and entrepreneurs taken advantage of…or feeling pressured to keep up with every marketing trend out there…rather than being true to who you are as a company and bringing real solutions to the people you serve. At the end of the day, there’s nothing more powerful. Trust comes before transactions. When you can create that kind of experience for people, you build an unstoppable brand.”

Rachel’s off-the-beaten-path career journey has spanned multiple roles in various countries, three cities, and two states – including professional ballet, management, event production, business strategy, national and international public relations, graphic design, and marketing.

She’s had the opportunity to work with organizations of all sizes and industries to amplify the power of their brands through brand strategy, brand experience consulting, brand development, brand content, brand packaging, UI/UX brand strategy, brand design, multi-media, advertising, marketing, live event production, e-learning, 3D animation, video, photography, and art direction.

Rachel is the host of The Brand Boss Show podcast and YouTube channel, an author, and an in-demand public speaker and trainer.

Melissa Buck

Strategic Design Boss

Creator. Strategist. Design Boss.

With 10+ years of graphic design experience and a background in integrated marketing communications, Melissa is a creative problem-solver with a passion for communicating through thoughtful, strategic design.

“Great design isn’t just about creating something that looks pretty. The key to success is designing with the holistic customer experience in mind. When intentional strategy and clear identity synchronize to inform the audience and drive action, that’s when you’ve reached an effective and beautiful design.”

A creator and nerd at heart, Melissa discovered her love for design in high school, as the perfect meld between her interests in digital technology and art. She began experimenting with design in Microsoft Word (eek!), then dove in to teach herself an outdated version of Photoshop that she managed to get her hands on, and eventually attended Ithaca College where she earned a Bachelor of Science in Integrated Marketing Communications and a minor in Still Photography.

Born and raised in the Finger Lakes region, Melissa has always aspired to help local businesses thrive through polished branding, marketing, and design. She spent five years as the Marketing & Communications Specialist at Finger Lakes Wine Country, where she worked with regional businesses and community leaders to brand the destination and promote its experiences to visitors and residents.

Melissa is also a maker with a passion for crafting a variety of handmade items for her brand Honeybee Handmade.

Leah Kelley

Project & Systems Strategist

Advisor. Dreamer. Doer.

With more than 15 years as an infrastructure builder, Leah brings a unique perspective to setting goals and aligning your business strategies to optimize potential outcomes. She thrives in creating systematic approaches and has a knack for finding effective processes to maximize time management and resources.

“I’m passionate about solving problems. I’m always looking for an easier, quicker way to get things done. As a busy mom of 5, this is crucial! Solving problems or looking for more effective ways to manage time and/or resources allows me to be creative. There is a thrill for me in helping others find solutions that make life easier and more efficient.”

Leah’s expansive work history has allowed her to provide support to a wide variety of organizations, from educational entities to one of the world’s largest corporations in the energy industry. Her ability to analyze and identify focus areas of need has been the foundation in integrating vision, creativity, and innovation to improve systems within the workplace.

Leah is also a lover of life-long learning, always looking to expand her knowledge and understanding of herself and the world around her. Supporting others in their self-growth journey is also a very important part of who she is.

When she’s not implementing new processes or supporting personal growth in herself and others, she can be found with her husband and their five children. They are definitely her inspiration to set lofty goals and believe that anything is possible!

In addition to working at The Brand Boss Studio, Leah is also active in real estate and enjoys creating macrame pieces and traveling the world.

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Included in the Brand Boss Blueprint Course:

5 Sessions of Training with Lifetime Access

Our Chief Brand Boss breaks down branding and marketing with practical, to the point training. She'll walk through the 5 steps of our Brand Boss Blueprint, sharing foundational strategies and tactics we use to build 7-figure brands.

$1,497 value

Brand Boss Blueprint Workbook

Get hands-on with the course material for a deeper understanding of the practical concepts. Learn how to apply the strategies to your brand and take notes for implementing them right now!

$47 value

Course App

Take the course on the go! Now you can access course content wherever you are, 24/7. Download the app on your device to reach all of your Brand Boss tools and resources.

Huge time savings!

Brand Boss Toolkit

We've compiled tools, strategies, and resources we believe will be most helpful for you, so you can take what you are learning and put it into practice right away. Dive deep and get hands-on for your business with exclusive exercises, customizable templates, training videos, and more!

$2,997 value

1:1 Strategy Consult

We want to empower you to ROCK your brand and help you take the next steps to make it happen! After you complete the training modules, we'll jump on a 30-minute one-on-one call with you to answer your questions and get you rockin'.

$497 value

Brand Boss Blueprint Checklist

Eliminate the guesswork, save time, and accelerate your results by knowing exactly what to focus on and when, to build the foundation of your successful brand.

$47 value

Social Swipe Files

Stumped about what to post next on social media for your business? Prime the pump with these brain-freeze proof ideas!

$47 value

Ultimate Boss Your Brand Resource Vault

Work smarter, not harder with these time and money-saving resources. We've compiled an extensive list of our favorite software, vendors, books, tools, asset libraries, and gear!

$47 value

Plus, this valuable bonus interview series!

Rebranding a Culture with Dan Mori

Listen in on a conversation with Dan Mori, successful entrepreneur and President of Employment Solutions. Dan drops pure gold nuggets of wisdom about business, branding, and the business of people that you won't want to miss!

Branding in the Brain with Dr. Darlene A. Mayo

Dr. Darlene A. Mayo practiced as a neurosurgeon for 10 years and has conducted research in how to use neuroscience to maximize the function of the brain for the last 20 years. Now, as business owner herself, she helps businesses leverage buyer psychology principles founded in neuroscience to help you turn browsers into buyers, and prospects into clients. Listen in to this fascinating and powerful conversation as we discuss the brain science of branding and its impact on your customers.

The Sweet Spot with Ryan Haley

If you play tennis, you may be familiar with the place on the racket that when you hit it provides the most power, accuracy, and impact for your shot. Similarly, when you don't hit it, it can be a rather jarring and ineffective experience. Did you know it can be the same for your business? Listen in as special guest Ryan Haley and I discuss the Sweet Spot.

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Debby Evans

Project and Event Manager
Greater Binghamton Chamber of Commerce


“After thirty years of hosting a traditional Business Expo, we decided to transform our event into a brand new conference called BingBizCon. The Brand Boss Studio was charged with bringing this event to life with a fresh new look and vibrant feel. After an in-depth discussion with us, the team created the brand for BingBizCon on their very first try! The new colors, logo, and overall look was crisp, clean and exciting – exactly the kind of message we wanted to convey to attendees for this brand-new event! The first BingBizCon was a huge success and we are looking forward to more exciting events in the future! Thank you to The Brand Boss Studio! We could not have done this without you!”

Dan Mori

Employment Solutions


“We had talked internally about our need for a rebrand for a long time, and after making a few attempts on our own, working with The Brand Boss Studio is what truly got our brand in motion. There’s a right way and a wrong way to brand, and our internal efforts were well-intentioned but failed. With The Brand Boss Studio by our side things got done, and got done right. Having an expert challenge your assumptions as well as walk you through the process is the best way to grow in any area of your company, and that was definitely true for ours. Thanks to The Brand Boss Studio, we now have a consolidated brand that is more recognizable in the marketplace. This consistent brand experience creates a sense of familiarity that builds trust and comfort, two of the stickiest things you can imagine to retain your best clients and your best people.”

Kate Fuller

Director of Marketing
Grist Iron Brewing Co.


“When we took on the task of exploring and refining our brand, our management team was fortunate enough to have The Brand Boss Studio on our side to guide us through the process. They took the time to explore, ask thoughtful questions, and really dug deep into what makes Grist Iron tick. As we continue to work with The Brand Boss Studio, the team keeps us focused on our objectives at every step and offers valuable guidance on how to stay true to our core brand and how to best communicate that brand through consistent and clear design.”

Imran Battla

Business Solutions Administrator
Global Cloud Solutions


In an industry filled with cliches and abstraction, The Brand Boss Studio cuts through the crap and tells it like it is. Rachel and Melissa are highly skilled, their attention to detail and heart they put in everything they do are truly exceptional!

P.S. They have a pretty awesome podcast you should check out as well.”

Berlin Salest Byers

Holistic Health Coach
The Queen Bee Revolution


“The Brand Boss Studio did an absolute bomb job in capturing the essence of what I wanted for my brand. Rachel walked me through every aspect of the look, feel, colors and the emotion I wanted people to have when they came in contact with me, my company, and my brand. The team brought out my identity so well that every week someone shares a picture or product with me that makes them say “I thought of Queen Bee when I saw this,” which is proof that they helped create a brand that stands at the forefront of consumers’ mind. Thank you for pulling my true vision out and making it a reality that women relate with!”

Matt Gill

Enhance VR


“This team by far has been one of the greatest resources for my business. From designing our logo to workshops in how we brand ourselves to clients, The Brand Boss Studio has made such a difference in how the business looks and takes actions to grow.

Sara Liu

Parlor City Vegan


“We greatly appreciate The Brand Boss Studio’s guidance with re-branding our new image and messaging for our restaurant, product packaging, and promotional materials. Their attention to detail and holistic approach to bringing our branding to life was evident in everything from our logo, menu design, and interior vibe. Community feedback has been extremely positive.”

Nancy Barno Reynolds

Executive Director
Broome County Arts Council


“The Broome County Arts Council was thrilled to partner with the very talented Brand Boss Studio on the creation of our new logo and rebrand! The team strove to thoroughly understand our goals and mission, while researching our long history in this community, in order to create an image that says it all; they got it just right.”

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