Does your branding make you money?

Or lose it?

Aah...Branding. Everybody needs it, right?
It can be a BAM or a blah for your endeavors.

Is YOUR current branding a BAM and making you 
more profitable? Or, is it a bit blah and actually causing you to lose ground in your arena?

Hi, I'm Rachel Jenks, The Brand Boss.

I’m tired of seeing business owners and entrepreneurs taken advantage of…or feeling pressured to keep up with every marketing trend out there…rather than being true to who you are as a company and bringing real solutions to the people you serve. At the end of the day, there’s nothing more powerful.

So, I've compiled a guide from 20+ years of my own business journey, as well as countless conversations and collaborations with business owners and professionals like you!

Top 5 Branding Blunders & Busters

Inside this powerful eBook:

Part 1

Learn to recognize common Branding Blunders that are seen every day and how costly they can be.

Part 2

We’ll examine each blunder and give you some Blunder Buster tips. Evaluate your branding to make sure you’re on the right track for success!


We empower businesses and business owners to OWN their difference
and ROCK their unique brand powerfully and authentically.


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Clients Around
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The Brand Boss Studio Team

Rachel Jenks

Chief Brand Boss

Founder. Owner. Brand Boss. With more than 22 years experience working in public communications, including 15+ years in graphic design, Rachel’s passion is empowering business owners to rock YOUR brand like a boss.

Bob Chatterton

Trinic LLC.


'Whoa this is different,' is what I thought to myself as The Brand Boss Studio dug deep into what my vision, and my heart, were for my company. Once the team understood who my company was and what my dreams were they gave life to them both.”

Kate Fuller

Director of Marketing
Grist Iron Brewing Co.


“When we took on the task of exploring and refining our brand, our management team was fortunate enough to have The Brand Boss Studio on our side to guide us through the process. They took the time to explore, ask thoughtful questions, and really dug deep into what makes Grist Iron tick. As we continue to work with The Brand Boss Studio, the team keeps us focused on our objectives at every step and offers valuable guidance on how to stay true to our core brand and how to best communicate that brand through consistent and clear design.”

Imran Battla

Business Solutions Administrator
Global Cloud Solutions


In an industry filled with cliches and abstraction, The Brand Boss Studio cuts through the crap and tells it like it is. Rachel and Melissa are highly skilled, their attention to detail and heart they put in everything they do are truly exceptional!

P.S. They have a pretty awesome podcast you should check out as well.”

Berlin Salest Byers

Holistic Health Coach
The Queen Bee Revolution


“The Brand Boss Studio did an absolute bomb job in capturing the essence of what I wanted for my brand. Rachel walked me through every aspect of the look, feel, colors and the emotion I wanted people to have when they came in contact with me, my company, and my brand. The team brought out my identity so well that every week someone shares a picture or product with me that makes them say 'I thought of Queen Bee when I saw this,' which is proof that they helped create a brand that stands at the forefront of consumers’ mind. Thank you for pulling my true vision out and making it a reality that women relate with!”

Dan Mori

Employment Solutions


“We had talked internally about our need for a rebrand for a long time, and after making a few attempts on our own, working with The Brand Boss Studio is what truly got our brand in motion. There’s a right way and a wrong way to brand, and our internal efforts were well-intentioned but failed. With The Brand Boss Studio by our side things got done, and got done right. Having an expert challenge your assumptions as well as walk you through the process is the best way to grow in any area of your company, and that was definitely true for ours. Thanks to The Brand Boss Studio, we now have a consolidated brand that is more recognizable in the marketplace. This consistent brand experience creates a sense of familiarity that builds trust and comfort, two of the stickiest things you can imagine to retain your best clients and your best people.”

Sara Liu

Parlor City Vegan


“We greatly appreciate The Brand Boss Studio’s guidance with re-branding our new image and messaging for our restaurant, product packaging, and promotional materials. Their attention to detail and holistic approach to bringing our branding to life was evident in everything from our logo, menu design, and interior vibe. Community feedback has been extremely positive.”

Debby Evans

Project and Event Manager
Greater Binghamton Chamber of Commerce


“After thirty years of hosting a traditional Business Expo, we decided to transform our event into a brand new conference called BingBizCon. The Brand Boss Studio was charged with bringing this event to life with a fresh new look and vibrant feel. After an in-depth discussion with us, the team created the brand for BingBizCon on their very first try! The new colors, logo, and overall look was crisp, clean and exciting – exactly the kind of message we wanted to convey to attendees for this brand-new event! The first BingBizCon was a huge success and we are looking forward to more exciting events in the future! Thank you to The Brand Boss Studio! We could not have done this without you!”

Matt Gill

Enhance VR


“This team by far has been one of the greatest resources for my business. From designing our logo to workshops in how we brand ourselves to clients, The Brand Boss Studio has made such a difference in how the business looks and takes actions to grow.

Nancy Barno Reynolds

Executive Director
Broome County Arts Council


"The Broome County Arts Council was thrilled to partner with the very talented Brand Boss Studio on the creation of our new logo and rebrand! The team strove to thoroughly understand our goals and mission, while researching our long history in this community, in order to create an image that says it all; they got it just right."


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